Sarah “Alica” Lindsley (in green) with her legal team and women’s rights advocates at the Oct. 26, 2017 press conference.

Omni Hotel Investigation
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In a Federal lawsuit filed in the Northern District of Texas, Sarah "Alicia" Lindsley, a former Food & Beverage Director of Omni Hotels Management Corporation, alleges that her career had been consistently suppressed for being a woman. Having worked her way up from being a server, she hit Omni’s glass ceiling as an executive encountering. This case is about how Omni reinforces that glass ceiling by facilitating a system of unequal pay, disparate work opportunity, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.


Ms. Lindsley worked for Omni for over 15 years and elevated to become one of the most successful and competent executives at the company. Despite this, it was not her work ethic that held significance to Omni, it was her sex. She was frequently paid less than her male counterparts and dealt with the unwavering force of a management team who combated every opportunity she had to succeed.


Ms. Lindsley reported her experiences, and the similar experiences of other female co-workers, on multiple occasions and was consistently ignored. When Omni received the charge of discrimination that Ms. Lindsley filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, she was subjected to unlawful retaliation.  Omni revised down her evaluations, misrepresented her FMLA rights and pressured her not to take the FMLA leave she was entitled to, and ultimately pushed her out of the company, constructively discharging her.


Ms. Lindsley was one of four female Food & Beverage Directors throughout Omni’s fifty plus locations, a company that has a “boys club” mentality deeply woven into its hierarchy.  Ms. Lindsley seeks injunctive relief that includes training and monitoring, so that no subsequent rising female has her career smashed against Omni’s glass ceiling.  

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